Analysis of The Three Temptations by E. San Juan, Jr.


An Analysis by Patrick Lim, Enrique Fausto and Markyn Kho
The poem The Three Temptations by E. San Juan Jr. is a poem that hides many secrets and symbolism in each word and sentence. Let’s begin with the basic meaning of the poem. In the first stanza of the poem.

“What death would you desire?”

She says: “A bronze death that yields

a cloister for the heart; or that

Basically, the image that this conveys is a choice presented to perhaps the reader. We can apply Shklovsky’s concept of defamiliarization because the idea of choice and the decisions are presented by a woman. The first choice is a bronze death using what we know bronze may symbolize third place, or the least. The author uses the image of a cloister probably because he thinks that a bronze death is one where the heart is alone and quiet, more or less a peaceful quiet death…

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